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Peshtemal: the best Turkish fabric

Peshtemal is a Persian word for these beautiful cotton fabrics used in Turkish Hammams.
Also known as peshtamal, pestamal or pestemal these fabrics were a symbol of wealth in Ottoman culture, and the best quality fabrics were hand-woven in Antioch.


For centuries, the most ornate and colourful Peshtemals have been used in the private Hammams of sultans and people of power and, to this day, are still used throughout Turkey, thanks to their extreme softness and lightness.
Hand-woven fabrics in 100% Turkish or Iranian cotton ( the best qualities), the advantage of Peshtemal is to dry very quickly compared to any other bathroom fabric, making them always dry.

These beautiful creations, due to their unique colors and weaves, are often used as shawls in the cool autumn or spring evenings, but their beauty and quality have meant that they are often also used as fabrics for the home, read blankets or drapes for sofas.

The most famous weaves are the Diamond, Chevron, Honeycomb and Karaca​

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