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Yggdrasill pendant in Silver decorated with Triskells

Ref: KCI03

The ash tree Yggdrasill supports with its branches the nine worlds that constitute the entire universe. Immense, Yggdrasill sinks into the kingdom of hell, while its branches hold the entire celestial vault..

The Yggdrasill tree is the place of the daily assembly of the Gods who arrive riding the Rainbow Bridge guarded by the god Heimdall.

Yggdrasill is identifiable with Lérað, the tree in front of Valhalla.

 Yggdrasil symbols

  • it is the source of life, of the eternal waters, it is the tree that gives life
  • it is the source of knowledge, it is the origin of the wisdom of Odin
  •  the fate of gods and men is inextricably linked to this tree.

(in the picture it is presented with a Silk laotian cord)

In our blog the legend of Yggdrasil

(VAT included)

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