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Delicate shawl in light Indian Cotton with flowery decoration

Ref: KBL08

Light, delicate Indian shawls, with a flowery pattern.

In the Indian Culture all flowers are important, as each one represents one of the Great Deities.

This shawl presents two of these flowers:

  • The Red Hibiscus: it represents the Goddess Maa Kali, Goddess of fierceness and rage. The shape of the flowers recalls the tongue of the Goddesss, while the red color represents her fierceness. She's so worshipped that there is a special celebration in her honor, the "Kali Pooja", when necklaces made of red Hibiscus flowers are gifted to her
  • Tulsi, the flower of basil: represents God Krishna, one of the most important in India. These flowers are usually found at the feet of Krishna's statues.

Any small imperfections of the fabric, prints or decorations of our scarves, represent a characteristic of the product and its artisanal execution ​

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