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Earrings Lakota "Dreamcatcher" in Silver and Turquoise

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Hailing from the Lakota and Ojibwe tribes, this amulet is one of the most important and powerful used in the Native American cultures. The circle represents the Divinity of Life, while the Turquoise is a powerful amulet, called the Stoe of LIfe.

According to the Lakota and Ojibwe legends, there was a mystical and maternal spirit, called "Spider Woman" who protected all the tribes, especially families and children. When the Lakotas and Ojibwes grew in number and decided to move to other territories, she found it difficult to continue to protect and watch over all the members of the tribe as they migrated farther and farther away. This is why she created the first dreamcatcher.

Following her example, mothers and grandmothers would recreate the maternal keepsake as a means of mystically protecting their children and families from afar.

The Dreamcatchers of the Lakota y Ojibwe were traditionally used to protect people from bad dreams and nightmares during sleep. The Native Americans belived that the air of the night was full of dreams, both good and bad.  When hung above the bed in a place where the morning sunlight can hit it, the Deamcatcher attracts and catches all sorts of dreams and thoughts into its webs. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below. Bad dreams, however, are caught up in its protective net and destroyed, burned up in the light of day.

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