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Eihwaz Rune - Pisces


Ehiwaz - Pisces (March: 6th - 20th)

Eihwaz is one of the Viking runes with more and more powerful symbolic content, and it means "yew" - a tree considered as 'hard and unalterable': the Vikings used their wood to build different weapons.

The graphism of this rune responds to the three parts of a tree. His trunk, through the vertical line he draws; The top, representative of the cup, and finally the roots, drawn at the bottom.

In this sense, Ehiwaz refers to the importance of integrating our vital lines into a whole: Accepting the past, being prepared for the present and aiming for the future.

It is linked to the sacred tree Yggdrasil, the "Ash-Tree" of the Universe, or "Tree of Life", according to the viking mythology. The nine worlds are bond by it, and it is divided into three parts: Niflheim (roots), Midgard (trunk) y Asgard (cup)

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