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Evening bag in Japanese Silk and Cotton

Ref: KBJAP01

Evening bag in Japanese Cotton and Silk. These fabrics often bear many important symbols in the  Japanese culture, both for the colours and the flowers used in their manufacture.

The bag has been made   , allowing it to be carried by hand, over the shoulder or open.

Very amusing are the open side pieces which, once the bag is closed, look like two petals opening over two pockets.

The colours:

  • Red is one of the traditional colours in Japan. Mainly used in the decoration of events representing happiness and joy. Red in Japanese culture denotes strength, passion, sacrifice and blood.
  • Yellow represents the sun and nature. In the Far East of Japan, people consider yellow a sacred colour, but in the West it denotes betrayal.

The flowers

  • Red and/or White Camellia: excellence, prestige and distinction.
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