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Islamic Tasbih with 33 grains

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A tasbih is, like a rosary, a series of beads on a thread traditionally used among the faithful of the Islamic religion. It is a circular grid of 33 or 99 beads of different materials (usually wood, ivory, pearls, fruit stones or simply plastic) and colors.

It is commonly used to practice the dikr or repeated invocation addressed to God. The number of its grains is related to the recitation of the 99 names of God, although it is used for other types of dikr such as the repeated invocation of only one of the names or the repetition of formulas such as sub=ān Allāh («God is sublime»), al-=amduli-llāh («praised be God") and Allāhu Allāhu akbar («God is great»), each one repeated 33 times.

The original Tasbih should be composed of ninety-nine grains, or even a hundred, but to make it lighter and more practical it has been reduced to a third, but the obligation remains to repeat it three times to complete the exact number of ninety-nine.

This number, rather symbolic, means the ninety-nine divine names or attributes, in addition to the same name of God. Therefore, the Muslim believer, in reciting his rosary three times, invokes, orally or mentally, Allah (God) 99 times.

The number ninety-nine is found written in a Hadît (anecdote on the life of Muhammad): "To God belong ninety-nine names, that is one hundred and one, because He is the Incomparable, the One: he who knows the ninety-nine names of God, enters into paradise".

For this Tasbih, which is about 20 years old, were used grains in decoratedResin, reminiscent of the most refined Black Coral, used nowasays.

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