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Native American necklace in natural stones and Silver

Ref: KCN11

Beautiful Zuni necklace made with small shell discs interspersed with animals carved in stones such as jasper of different colours, quartz and turquoise.

These necklaces are very appreciated in the Native cultures (Navajo Zuni and Pueblo), because they gather many symbolisms of the tribes of the Southwest, from the use of the different stones used to the representation of the different animals.

The Native people, especially the Navajo, use animal fetishes as a means of communication between our world and the spirit world, and each animal has its own character, the main ones being the eagle, the wolf and the bear and the tortoise.

According to the symbology the eagle, which in this necklace occupies the central place, represents wisdom and courage. It is the most important for the connection with the spirits. The bear represents strength, power and leadership, and the fish represents the ability to fish and fight. The turtle represents Mother Earth, and the hummingbird has magical qualities, because it can fly in any direction, or even stand still. Through its dance the hummingbird brings joy, beauty and evokes love, as the hummingbird's feathers are said to open the heart.

It is also common to identify in the different animals the three conditions of man: the sleeping state (lower), the state of slumber (the material) and the state of expansion of the spirit (the upper, always drawn with wings).

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