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Native Americans necklace in Silver and Tuquoise wolf's claw

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Silver necklaces with a wolf's claw pendant were traditional among all Native American tribes, as they symbolised the strenght and values of those wearing them.

Native Americans were a deeply spiritual people and they used symbols and signs to communicate their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation.

The meaning of the Wolf and/or his claw symbol is: direction, leadership and protection. The Wolf symbol signified also strength, endurance, instinct linked with intelligence and family values.

Many Native Americans considered themselves descended from wolves, and thus worshiped the wolf as both a god and an ancestor.

According to the Pawnee creation myth, the wolf was the first creature to experience death. Some tribes believed that the timber wolves, howling at the moon, were spiritual beings that could speak to the gods and impart magical powers.

This necklace is made of Silver cillinders, typical of the traditions of these tribes, called Liquid Silver. Turquoise is considered by the Native as the Stone of Life

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