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Navajo pendant in Silver and Turquoise - The eagle

Ref: KPN05

Pendant in Silver and Turquoise, with two of the most important symbols of Native American cultures: the eagle and the feathers.

The Eagle: the greatest representative of the Great Spirit, among the myths and legends of the American Indians has always been the animal eagle with a strong regal connotation with the power to dominate the material and spiritual worlds, and all that inhabits it. As she soars in the sky, she succeeds in having the detached and spiritual vision of human events because she is not affected by them, this is one of the characteristics of the eagle.

This totem animal possesses, however, the prerogative of being able to see the plot of existence in the broad sense and more expanded, covering how the facts will take place before they are realized in everyday life, the eagle can also see the shadow that is hidden in events without which nothing can be learned in this life because without evil there could not be good and vice versa. To obtain the strength of the eagle it is necessary to reach the trust in the divine will or in the laws of existence where a man can get it only through the hard trials of life and great fortitude.

Since the beginning of time the great shamans of the tribes have always used eagle feathers to help heal people, to indicate the courage needed by the warrior to face the battle as well as life. Learn to have the courage to really see the things of life without fear of recognizing the truth, use the light of the eagle’s spirit to look from above at events by drawing their wisdom and knowledge

The Feather: The Feather is universally recognized as a symbol of trust, strength, wisdom, freedom and honor.

The necklace has been made using the Liquid Silver technique, created by Native American artisans in New Mexico. The shimmering "liquid" look is created by stringing hundred of tiny sterling silver tubes onto fine threads to create flexible strands of shimmering silver which look like they are solid strands of liquid silver.

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