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Nazar: the Turkish "Blue Eye" amulet

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One of the most popular and known amulets of the world: the Evil Eye.

Its original turkish name is Nazar: and derives from the Arabic language meaning sight, surveillance and attention.

This traditional eye shaped amulet is know also as "The eye of Allah" or "Blu Eye".

Traditionally it is given as a gift, to dearest ones, to protect them from a malefic gaze​ and from negative actions or feelings from others.

When the Eye breaks, it means that it has ceased its function by absorbing all negativities directed to the person wearing it, and it has to be substituted with a new one.

The Nazar is often hung in homes, offices, cars, children's clothing, or incorporated in jewelry and ornaments.

This one has been photographed with one of our Silk cords 

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