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Nazar bracelet with colorful enamels and Silver

Ref: KTQ08

Nazar, one of the most popular and important amulets in the world: the Turkish Blue Eye, although its original name, Nazar, comes from Arabic and means sight, attention, vigilance.

This traditional amulet in the shape of an eye is also known as the "Eye of Allah" or "Blue Eye" and is often given to loved ones as a protection against negativities and bad thoughts in general and the "evil eye" in particular.

According to a Turkish legend each color has a different meaning, and wearing a thousand-coloured bracelet (as it is known) indicates:

  • Blue: the higher protection
  • Black: power
  • Red: courage and protection 
  • Yellow: happiness
  • White: wealth
  • Turquoise: healt
  • Coral and Orange: protection para la protección
  • Rose: love
  • Light green: success
  • Lilac: Wisdom
(VAT included)

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