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Old, unique Turkmenistan pendant in Silver and Carnelian

Ref: KPIE08

Old, unique Turkmenistan pendant in Silver and Carnelian.

In Turkmenistan, as in many areas of the Middle East, men and women wore jewellery as a symbol of social status. Actually in Turkmenistan jewellery made of Silver and Semiprecious Stones (such as Carnelian, Turquoise, Coral or Pearls) have always had a deeper connotation.

In this case, a jewel in Silver and Carnelian, was used to keep away disease and death. The women wore jewels loaded with stones to increase their fertility and, once the children were born, they slowly abandoned their jewels, with the advancing age.

This example of Turkmen craftsmanship is one of the most important pieces we used to realize: the 'moustache' decoration is made to  recall the tiger's claw, a symbol of strength and courage but also of bearing and status. These pendants were in fact usually intended for people of high sovereignty.

It was aslo said that the noise of the six chains in decorated Silver, drove away the spirits of evil.

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