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Rune Isa - Aquarius

Ref: ISA

Isa - Aquarius (January 20th - February 3rd)

Isa is a rune connected with pause and detention. The moment is not propitious, so it is better to stop executing any action. Wait for the passing of winter, stop all that was taking place for when the context is more appropriate.

Ice, the representative element of this rune, refers to freezing: things can be preserved, but they can also break. Cold has never been an ally, as it hinders every situation. Ice drips, and sometimes forms thin layers, that do not allow to calculate the stability of the steps taken on it.

The trap, the betrayal, the ambush. Everything that suddenly appears, like a snowstorm, is also picked up by this rune.

When the situation is unfavourable, but temporary, it is best to pause and don't act. Moments of recollection give also rise to creativity, and from them you can reflect and begin growing when the cold has passed.

There is no god of Nordic mythology for Isa, and in this case the rune is linked to the reign of Niflheim, also known as the kingdom of Ice: dark and inhospitable, where the criminals and those who have died of old age or illness go. It is the opposite of Valhalla, a place that awaits the dead warriors in battle

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