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Rune Jera - Pisces


Jera - Pisces (February 19th - March 5th)

La Rune Jera means harvest, and is related to a good harvest year. It points out the importance of good sowing to reap the desired results. It is also related to fertility, in the sense of fruit growth when the right conditions have been generated.

Jera is a positive Rune, and announces the arrival of abundance as a result of wisdom and commitment. Patience is also important until the fruits come.

Well done work is often related to positive attributes: humility is fundamental to learning every day, and it is a Rune that goes against pride, which sometimes despises all efforts.

Honesty, perseverance and confidence that the results come with work come with work are also associated with this rune as values. As well as the right reward for the efforts.

The deity associated with this rune is Nerthus, goddess of mother earth and associated associated with the fertility of the fields.

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