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Rune Uruz - Taurus


Uruz - Taurus (April 21st - May 5th)

 Uruz is related to transformation and change. One that demands strength and decision. The symbology of this rune rests on the attributes of the URL, whose size exceeded that of the buffalo and could approach that of the elephant.

But also in the ancient ritual of passing from childhood to adulthood for children in the Nordic tradition. In it, they had to hunt an uro. Showing courage, strength and determination.
It is associated with transformation and changes, sometimes unexpected. But they can and must be faced with energy and decision.
The god of Nordic mythology that corresponds to this rune is Ull. This deity was the son of Sif and the frost giant Hrungnir. ​Thor became his adoptive father by killing the giant and marrying the goddess is responsible for the most inhospitable winters, tanning hard warriors.

In addition to his relationship with the cold, Ull is also a skilled god of hunting and archery. The uro symbol of this rune, was the greatest trophy a Viking could get in the hunt. Their horns became trophies, and they were worn on the helmets or used as glasses to drink from

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