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Silver Claddagh pendant

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The Claddagh pendant finds its origins almost 300 years ago, in the ancient village of Claddagh, just outside Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. Here it has been designed and made for the first time during the XVII century.

It is gifted as a symbol of love and friendship, but it is famous for being the Irish wedding ring.

According to the legend there was a man from Galway called Richard Joyce, who emigrated to the East Indies to find work, with the hope of wedding his belowed fiancée once back.

However, Joyce was captured and sold as a slave to a Muslim goldsmith in Algeria, where Joyce learned this profession.

When King William III ascended to the throne, he asked for all the british slaves to be freed. Richard Joyce was freed after 14 years of slavery. The goldsmith had admired Joyce so much that he offered him a half of his fortune and his daugther as spouse, but Joyce renounced, and went back home.

He never forgot his beloved fiancée, and designed a ring as a symbol of his love for her: the Claddagh ring. It is characterised for its deep symbology: two hands surrounding an heart and surmounted by a crown, as the expression of real love, or eternal friendship.
The heart represents Love, the hands represent Friendship and the crown represents Loyalty.

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