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Silver and Turquoise Native Americans pendant

Ref: KPN03

Pendant in Silver and Turquoise, with two of the most important symbols of Native American cultures: the wolf and the feathers.

The Wolf: Proud, intelligent, strong, cunning, swift and capable of accomplishing memorable feats, but also extremely faithful, attached to the family and protective with respect to its offspring.

It expresses a deep bond with intuition and instinct, as well as a strong value for freedom, and when it appears as a guiding spirit, the wolf can be a stimulus to live one’s life with energy, being guided by the true "I", freely, without any kind of conditioning.

The wolf is recognized as THE master within who after a period of inner searching returns to the tribe to transmit what he has learned and to teach others, to help them better understand life and find their own way.

Emblem of strength, loyalty, intelligence, generosity, and also of sociability and affability, the wolf is present in the constellation of the Lion, from which came the sacred celestial masters who indoctrinated the societies of the Native Americans.

The Feather: The Feather is universally recognized as a symbol of trust, strength, wisdom, freedom and honor.

The necklace has been made using the Liquid Silver technique, created by Native American artisans in New Mexico. The shimmering "liquid" look is created by stringing hundred of tiny sterling silver tubes onto fine threads to create flexible strands of shimmering silver which look like they are solid strands of liquid silver.

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