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Spectacular Afghan stamp ring in Silver and Agate (early '50s)

Ref: KPIE21

Spectacular, unique, precious Afghan stamp ring, in Silver and Agate dating back to the early 1950s.

This specimen is unique for the decoration and the size of the head: a Silver leaf that acts as a setting for the central stone, and that has been entirely decorated with floral and geometric motifs.
The stone, a beautiful brown Agate (2 x 2cm) bears the incision used as a seal.
The ring presents almost disappeared floral decorations.

These rings often bore the incision of the family name, social status and/or wealth.

Each of them belongs to a family, a history and a very specific social and political position: the bigger, worked and made with rare materials, the more power and strength the person had in society.​

(VAT included)

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