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Splendid Japamala from Nepal - unique piece, hand made

Ref: MALA02

Splendid Japamala from Nepal in painted and decorated Bone.

Along the Japamala are two Mantra counters in Bronze: a Dorje and a Vase, two of the Eight Auspicious Signs of Buddhism.

The central detail is made of a round Coral on one side and a Turquoise on the other - both conseidered as "the Stone of Life" in many different cultures.

Mala is a term that means "rosary", mala prayer are used to focus concentration and awareness during the recitation of mantras.

They are made up of 108 grains, where 108 means that when the individual (1) reaches the state of ego annulment (0), the infinite (8) fills him with energy and awareness.​

The bone represents impermanence and has the purpose of resizing the excessive attachment to things and material satisfactions​

Unique piece

"THE 8 AUSPICIOUS SYMBOLS OF TIBETAN BUDDHISM" : read which they are and their importance during the practice

(VAT included)

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