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Splendid Zuni necklace with stones carved fetishes

Ref: KCN01

Nice Zuni necklace made with small discs of natural Shell alternate with Turquoise details and stones' cut fetishes  - Jasper, Malachite and Lapis Lazuli.

These necklaces are highly appreciated in all Southwestern Cultures (Puebo, Zuni and Navajo) because they collect a large number of symbologies that are fundamental in their lives. In these necklaces both stones and represented animals have their meaning.

The Native Americans, particularly the Navajos, used the  fetishes of animals as a means of communication betweeen our world and the spiritual one: each animal represents the basic characteristics of the real one, being the eagle, the wolf and the bear the most important ones.

Following the symbology the eagle, that in this necklace is in the center, represents wisdom and courage and is the animal that connects with the spirits. The bear represents strength and leadership, while the fish the ability to survive through struggles.

These three animals are also used to identify the condition of Men: the sleeping state (the inferior), the half-sleep state (the material) and the spiritual expansion (the superior one, always depicted with wings)

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