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Suzani bag, handly embroidered

Ref: KSUZ04

Spectacular Suzani bag in embroidered cotton with bright colors.

The Suzani is a type of decorative embroidery, which is traditional of Islam, particularly in the region of Uzbekistan

Originally this decorative embroidery was used as part of the dowry for the asian spouses, and represented a gift for the family of the groom.

The Suzani is always created on a cotton or silk base, and the decorations are always made in bright, thick silk or cotton threads.

Decorations are almost always flowers (tulips, iris and carnations), vine leaves, fruits, birds and fish, and the symbolical circles of the sun and the moon.

Thanks to a pair of side buttons, the bag can be used in two different sizes. In the interior part there are two open pockets and one closed with a zip.

Every piece of textile differs from all others, as every piece tells its own story, made of colors, symbols and decoration.This kind of textile and of colored threads (thick, bright and natural) can cause the appearance of small red dots or small stains in its interior: these defects are proof of its originality and of an artisan work

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