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Tuareg "Timia" cross in Silver and black glass beads

Ref: KIFE02

Timia, one of the Tuareg crosses,hand made in Silver and black glass beads, with tubular elements in chiselled Silver.

The Cross is, for the Tuareg people, a fundamental element for their identity, as each one of them (there are 21) relates the wearer to the Oasis he comes from.

The element that all crosses have in common are:

  • a small circle º, representing Jackals tracks. A jackal is an enemy of the Tuareg because they attack and eat Goats.
  • a series of cones /\/\/\/\/\, representing the tracks of the Ants. In time of severe drought and shortage of food, people would follow the trails of ants to find their nests where they would dig to find grains of millet that the ants had carried away.
    A reminder of how tough times can be.
  • a perfect hole in the middle of the cross, called "the eye of fortune", related to the chamaleon. Before a Tuareg travels he would usually meet with the Marabou, who would present him with a chamaleon: if its tail is raised up straight the  journey will be lucky. If the tail is coiled the journey is usually postponed.
(VAT included)

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