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Unique necklace from Afghanistan in Silver and Lapis Lazuli (1950 circa)

Ref: KUNI02

Beautiful, unique necklace from Afghanistan in Silver and drop shaped Lapis Lazuli (1950 circa)

  • In the Middle East, the Great Mother of Ephesus was represented as a woman wearing a fish-shaped amulet in front of her sex;
  • In China, the Great Mother Kwan-yin was also represented in the form of a fish.
  • In India, Kali is called "she who has the eyes of a fish" and the animal in question is also a symbol of Vishnu, who appears in this form to the lawgiver of the present cycle, Manu, to announce to him that humanity will be destroyed by a flood and has him build an ark, which he then guides, also in the form of a fish, during that cataclysm. The affinity with biblical symbolism is evident. The conservative Vishnu of Vedanta (the other members of the Trimurti, Brahma and Shiva, are creator and destroyer) has points of contact with the future Christian saviour.
  • In Buddhism, the fish represents the Buddha's footprint, i.e. the path that liberates from desires.

The number 7 is also of singular importance, from the 7 principles of the Universe, to the 7 plagues of Egypt, the 7 wonders of the Ancient World, the 7 arms of the Menorah, the 7 virtues of the Bushido, the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and the 7 heavens of Islam.​


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