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Change and Returns

When the user buys at www.kokulisworld.com, there are a series of rights that go with the purchase:

Return of an order

The user has 7 (seven) natural days to return the purchase

To cancel a purchase that hasn'y already been sent, he has to send an email to sales@kokulisworld.com specifying his request, indicating the number of the order he wants to cancel.

If the purchaser wants to revoke his order, he has to bear in mind that the purchase itself will be ready for shipment within 24hrs. Please, as not to incurr in payments for shipping and transfer, that will be charged to the purchaser, contact the wesite before the expiring of the 24hrs. through phone or email.

Change and returns

Returns of a purchase have to be requested through an email sent to sales@kokulisworld.com, indicating the order number, so as to clarify to the purchaser the actions to follow. The purchaser has to return the purchase in its original status, clean and not used, with its original box and original stickers, adding the invoice for the return.

In general term, we contemplate three principal causes for the Return, as per the current Law

  • Revocation Right: the purchaser has the right to repeal the purchase within 7 netural days from its reception, with the consequent devolution of the sum except shipping costs, that will be detracted from the total sum. To accomplish this kind of return, the purchaser has to contact with www.kokulisworld.com through thelephone or email, withiin the indicated period of time. The purchaser has to return the purchase in its original box, with all its accessories, or the product will be devaluated.
  • Return for defects due to the transport, or shipment error If, at the delivery, the purchaser can apprecaite a defect in the box without manipulating it, or if it is visible, without touching the box, that the product have been damaged, or that there has been an error in the shipment, the purchaser will have to take a picture of the product and the box, sending them back along with the original invoice, and immediately inform sales@kokulisworld.com. During the following 24hrs, the purchaser can ask for the subtitution of the purchased product or to get a refund.
  • No changes or returns will be carried out if the damage has been provoked for an incorrect use of it by the purchaser. KolulisWorld will not be responsible for the incorrect use and/or erosion of the same due to act carried out by the purchaser. At the same time, KokulisWorld won't be responsible for an incorrect return made by the purchaser. The purchaser is the only responsible for the correct Return of the product.


The refund will be carried out using the same methos that the purchaser has used to buy on the web site, minus the shipment expenses, to be paid y the purchaser.

www.kokulisworld.com can retain the refund until receiving the product back, or until the purchaser has produced a written proof of its devolution, according to the conditions of point one.

KokulisWorld will not be responsible for any failure or delay in receiving the return of the product or in refunding it, when these are due to third parties, or to force majeure, such as (indicative, not exhaustive):

  • Strikes, lockout or other reivindicative acts.
  • Civil commotion, riots, invasion, menace or terrorist attacks, war 8declared or not), menace or war preparations,
  • Fire, explosion, storm, hearthquake, flood, epidemy, or any other natural disaster
  • Inability of trains and boats, airplanes or any other public or private means of transport
  • Inability of public or private telecomunications systems
  • Acts, decreteets, laws or norms and restrictions dictated by the public authorithy or the Government

Obligations will be suspended during the entire force majeur period, and KokulisWorld will act with all its possible mediums and acts to fulfill its part of obligations.

In the event that the parcel, due to the recipient refusal, is neither delivered (after a double pass by the courier and a telephone call by the same) nor picked up at an access point of the courier and is then returned to the sender (Kokulis World) - who in this case will have to pay the return costs - the company reserves the right to rebate the amount of the parcel.

Written communications and notifcations

By using the web and the online shop, the purchaser accepts that the major part of his communications with KokulisWorld will be via its email, info@kokulisworld.com)

The purchaser can send notifications and/or communicate with KokulisWorld throught the contact form of the website